Ideas on Preventive Maintenance and Fixes for Garage Doors

Preventive maintenance is the key to stay away from incurring a lot of repair expenses for garage doors. There can be a problem in you hear strange squeaking sounds that come from any part of the door. You may end up with higher bills by paying no attention to these telltale noises.

Be sure to schedule regular visual inspections of your garage door. These check-ups are meant to detect damages or indications of malfunctioning. Common problems include misshapen doors due to flooding or corrosion if the door is made of steel. The door should also be clean to prevent dirt from getting ingrained in crevices and hardware. A commercial all-purpose cleaning product can do the trick for you. The bottom line is to make sure that your garage door is dirt free both inside and out. However, the external portion is where most of the dust accumulates. Clean the garage door using running water and detergent.

You may also be compelled to readjust the sensors if these stop functioning unexpectedly. Realignment becomes compulsory if the opener’s sensors have been misplaced. Professional elevator repair personnel advise that repositioning of garage doors only call for a gentle push into the original position while facing each other. The sensor light flashes if it is not lined up correctly.

Resetting the opener of electric garage doors is another concern. This should be done once the door shuts down momentarily and opens automatically. The functions of door openers vary but try to follow these instructions if you need to retune the opener. Turn off the breaker’s power. Another option is to unplug the opener. Wait for at least 10 seconds before turning the electricity on. Push the button which says “down arrow” until the door has been closed totally. The next step is to press the set switch. Then, touch the “up arrow” button and maintain that position until the door is approximately six inches away from the opener. Push “set” once again to complete the resetting process.

Another suitable maintenance measure is to install weather seals which also help homeowners to save on electricity. It is also a way of keeping moisture away from your garage. Weather seal or stripping also plays a role in reinforcing the door. Apply the seals at the underside and frame as well as in the middle of the panels. Cut the strip and fit to size at the bottom of the fixture. Put on some liquid nail adhesive to make it tighter. 

You can screw the weather seal after this. For seals on the framework, it is important to set up the horizontal seal before mounting the seals on the side. Use self-anchoring galvanized bolts or rivets for a better hold. Do not forget to place waterproof sealant on all sides of the weather seals on the structure. You may use small and compressed foam strips to close up the middle part of the panels of your garage door.